Where Can You Claim Your Listings?

How To Add Your Listings To WikiRealty

In this section, we will help get your properties synced to WikiRealty so you can focus on building your online presence, connecting with new clients, and staying relevant in your market.


Add Your Listings

- Step by step guide on how to add all your listings to your WikiRealty profile

What To Do If You Can't Find Listing

- List of quick tips for how to deal with frequently asked questions about adding a listing

Step 1: Add Your Listings

Go to your Dashboard and click on the Homes Tab to add all your listings by verifying your identity with your MLS Agent ID or Lead Routing Email.

Listing Verification is required to add any listings to your profile on WikiRealty. This enables us to ensure the highest quality experience for all professionals and consumers who use the platform.

We offer two ways to verify your listing. Once you enter the MLS # for the listing that you want to add, you will be displayed a modal with two options.

MLS Agent ID is commonly the Identifier you use as the “username” or “login” for your MLS system and may include letters, numbers or a combination of both. This is different than an MLS Listing Number and may also be different from your NRDS ID.

Occasionally, Agent IDs and the Office ID may be combined to create unique IDs for agents. If you receive an error message that your MLS ID is not valid, please verify that your Agent ID is the same ID your office uses when submitting to the MLS. If the ID is correct and you continue to receive an error message please contact our support team.

Lead Routing Email is the email address you submit to the MLS system for where you want your leads to be sent.

Occasionally, Brokers have nuanced systems in place for lead routing and may elect to have a central office email submitted with all of their listings in the MLS and then route the leads to the appropriate agent internally. In this case, the confirmation email will be sent to the Broker. If the email is correct and you continue to receive an error message please contact our support team.

Step 2: What To Do If You Can't Find Listing

If you find yourself having trouble finding your listings on WikiRealty here are some answers to common issues.

We currently provide listings to all who have their properties syndicated on ListHub.

If your designated broker has not yet given WikiRealty the permissions to access your/your companies listing data via ListHub, you will not find your listings on WikiRealty. You can check by registering as an agent with ListHub to see what settings your Broker has set for you.

If your broker has not allowed WikiRealty access to your listings, they can very quickly grant access directly from the ListHub Publisher Network section.

It is a very easy change on ListHub and just requires following the steps below:

All syndication selections can be made by the designated broker only. To add a publisher, brokers can log into their account here:


Then click the “Publishers” tab. Publishers can be chosen individually or all at once.

To add a publisher, click the “Publisher Choices” sub-tab, choose your filter options, manually check the box next to WikiRealty, then click the “Add Selected” button.