How To Claim Your EXIT Company Page

In this section, we will help understand how to claim your Company Page on WikiRealty and set up your account.


Submit Company Page Claim

- All EXIT company pages are live and ready to be claimed. Simply submit your request to get access.

Set Up Your WikiRealty Account

- As a Broker/Owner or Office Admin, you will need to have your own WikiRealty account

Invite Your Team Members

- Every agent will need to have a WikiRealty account to appear on your Company Page

Step 1: Submit Company Page Claim

First, you will need to complete the Company Claim Form below. This will allow us to help you get access to use WikiRealty Company Pages feature.


Once you’ve submitted your request, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your company page request. Just sit tight while we work on your account on our end, you can expect a response with your account information within a few hours

Claim Company

Step 2: Set Up Your FREE WikiRealty Account

As a Broker/Owner or Office Admin, you will need to have your own free WikiRealty account. Your personal account will serve as an example for your team for what a complete account looks like and give you administrator control over new Company Page features and changes.

     Sign up as “Pro” and go through the registration process.

2.     Choose the “sign up free” option shown at the bottom of each plan option.

3.     Once your account is created, select up to 10 neighborhoods where you focus your business or have listings.

Note, your information on your personal profile is different than the information on your Company Page and any updates made on your personal account will not affect your Company Page.



When you receive your verification email, you will be given your account details you can use to log in.

If you previously registered for WikiRealty, we will use this account to connect you to your company page.

If you have not previously registered with WikiRealty, we will create a new account for you to use with your company page.

Step 3. Invite Your Team Members

Now that your Company Page is ready and you’ve completed your Profile, you should invite the rest of your team members to create a free WikiRealty account so they can appear on your new Company Page.

Your company page will be more attractive and dynamic to more people are on WikiRealty.

Invite Your Team