Introducing Instant Ads – The Fastest Social Media Ads For Real Estate

WikiRealty’s Instant Ads provides a fast and easy way to create real estate ads on social media.

Instant Ads allows you to immediately generate an ad and get your name and listing out in front of the right audience at the right time. It is built for small teams, agents and mortgage professionals, giving you all the tools necessary to launch ads like a pro with no experience necessary.


Instant Ads has transformed the ad creation process, making it straightforward and simple so that you can promote your listing or mortgage product in seconds, for as little as $50. Instant Ads offers full customization of your ad or the ability to choose from one from our Ads Library.

All you have to do is choose:

  • Ad Budget (how much you want to spend)
  • Ad Duration (how long you want the ad to run for)
  • Ad Targeting (location of where you want your ad seen)

Next, you specify your:

  • Ad Headline
  • Ad Text
  • Photo Asset
Or use a template. Then you’re done!
Your ads will be deployed across your chosen social media channels so that you can be seen everywhere.


This means that Instant Ads will take care of the entire ad process with the press of a button so that you don’t have to be an advertising wizard to make outstanding ads and get your name out there.


Instant Ads also offers transparent pricing so you know how much you are spending on each ad, built-in audience retargeting, lead qualification, built-in appointment integration, built-in Google Reviews integration, and built-in CRM integration!
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